Timelapse with your iphone

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Timelapse with your iphone

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today I want to show you, how to make timelapse on the simple way with your iphone.. Normally I `m writing in german, but this time I linked a timelapse video with my youtube account ( to save webspace here) and I hope you might enjoy it and look to my little site to gain more information about my hobby as a photographer.

I start with photography about 7 years ago, when I worked one year in New York City. My first lovely system camera was a Canon 50D and it brought me deeper in the world of sensor, lenses and photo editing with programs like Lightroom and Photoshop. I loved it and my interests grew over the years, when upgrading to those full-frame cameras like Canon 1Ds, 5D II and 5D III..

But be honest,with bigger sensor my pictures doesn`t getting better. So I changed to that nice Olympus cameras ( with complicated names like Olympus OM-D-EM 5 ) and these micro-four-thirds cameras are still impressive. They`re easy to carry around and perfect for street photography!

But I changed to Fujifilm this year, because their cameras fitting better to my needs. But these days those mirrorless cameras are so good, that you can`t doing a mistake by choosing one of these..

When I travel, I`m carrying one of those mirrorless cameras for photos and my iphone for video.

What you can do with that device besides making some calls is timelapse:

(please watch this video in HD Quality!)

So how did I do this timelapse video?
1.) I used some water and tissue, to clean the window of the tram, before
2.) I attached my cell phone with black tape at the window,
3.)then I choose the timelapse video mode and it was ON!

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